Profitable Nitrogen Efficiency Management | Reducing Your Dependency on Nitrogen Inputs

The price of nitrogen has soared to new heights, making growers everywhere wonder how they can get the most out of their inputs without busting their budget.

David Miller, Director of Education at Advancing Eco Agriculture, dives into concepts related to efficient use of nitrogen and how these practices can lead to a reduction in inputs, increase the biological health of your soil, and protect your bottom line.

David explains how the nitrogen cycle works in nature and discusses the practical steps you can take towards profitable nitrogen management.


Get the most out of your expensive Nitrogen! Discover an ideal, stable, slow-release, plant-available approach to profitable nitrogen (N) management in 2022 and beyond:

-Stabilize free N in the tank by compounding it with the humic substances found in AEA’s HumaCarb.
-Use AEA’s Rejuvenate to promote quick microbial banking of N.
-Ensure complete nitrate conversion in plant tissues by including AEA’s Rebound Molybdenum and a sulfur source to provide the 10:1 ratio required for protein synthesis.

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AEA works with growers to create customized crop programs, combining biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.

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