A Q&A with regenerative agriculture thought leaders, Part 2 | Regen Rev 2022

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Regen Rev is a 2-day virtual event with regenerative agricultural thought leaders from across the country. Attendees hear from growers and organizations at the cutting edge of the regenerative movement and discover actionable steps towards better soil health and crop performance.

The Day 2 Q&A panel at Regen Rev 2022 included:

-John Kempf, Founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture
-Steven Bierlink, Owner of Monument Apples LLC
-Dennis Warnecke, Director of Sales and Technical Support at Tainio Biologicals
-Ted Bruns, Owner at Genesis Farm & Product Application Technician at Advancing Eco Agriculture
-Nathan Harman, Regenerative Ag Consultant at Advancing Eco Agriculture
-David Miller, Director of Education at Advancing Eco Agriculture

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