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  1. 2013/2014 Annual Report

    Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), 2014 View full text Annual Report
  2. Agricultural factor markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: An updated view with formal tests for market failure

    Barrett, Christopher B, Dillon, Brian, Food Policy, 2017 View full text Article
  3. Women in agriculture: Four myths

    Doss, Cheryl, Theis, Sophie, Quisumbing, Agnes, Meinzen-Dick, Ruth, Global Food Security, 2018 View full text Article
  4. Agriculture in Africa--Telling myths from facts: A synthesis

    Christiaensen, Luc, Food Policy, 2017 View full text Article
  5. Improving diets and nutrition through an integrated poultry value chain and nutrition intervention (SELEVER) in Burkina Faso: study protocol for a randomized trial

    Gelli, Aulo, Headey, Derek, Guedenet, Hannah, Verhoef, Hans, Ganaba, Rasmane, Hidrobo, Melissa, Becquey, Elodie, Zongouri, Sita, Kenfack, Romain, Huybregts, Lieven, Trials, 2017 View full text Article
  6. Ghee-Making in the Cattle Corridor of Uganda

    Katimbo, A, Sempiira, J E, Mugisa, D J, Kisaalita, W S, African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 2017 View full text Article
  7. Husband and Wife Perspectives on Farm Household Decision-making Authority and Evidence on Intra-household Accord in Rural Tanzania

    Anderson, C Leigh, Gugerty, Mary Kay, Reynolds, Travis W, World Development, 2017 View full text Article
  8. Non-farm entrepreneurship in rural sub-Saharan Africa: New empirical evidence

    Naudé, Wim, Nagler, Paula, Food Policy, 2017 View full text Article
  9. Impact of agricultural interventions on the nutritional status in South Asia: A review

    Jayachandran, Usha, Dev, S Mahendra, Pandey, Vijay Laxmi, Food Policy, 2016 View full text Article
  10. How Does Gender Affect Sustainable Intensification of Cereal Production in the West African Sahel? Evidence from Burkina Faso

    Haider, Hamza, Theriault, Veronique, Smale, Melinda, World Development, 2017 View full text Article