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  1. Gender, assets, and market-oriented agriculture: learning from high-value crop and livestock projects in Africa and Asia

    Quisumbing, Agnes R, Olney, Deanna, Meinzen-Dick, Ruth, Johnson, Nancy, Rubin, Deborah, Van den Bold, Mara, Manfre, Cristina, Waithamji, Elizabeth, Agriculture and Human Values, 2015 View full text Article
  2. Can Integrated Agriculture-Nutrition Programmes Change Gender Norms on Land and Asset Ownership? Evidence from Burkina Faso

    Pedehombga, Abdoulaye, Olney, Deanna, Quisumbing, Agnes, Ouedraogo, Marcellin, Dillon, Andrew, van den Bold, Mara, The Journal of Development Studies, 2015 View full text Article