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  1. Consumers' preferences for animal-source foods and retail outlets: The case of Tanzania

    Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo, Mtimet, Nadhem, Nsiima, Longin, Baker, Derek, African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2016 View full text Article
  2. Yield gap analyses to estimate attainable bovine milk yields and evaluate options to increase production in Ethiopia and India

    Herrero, Mario, Blummel, Michael, Godde, Cécile M, Ash, Andrew, Henderson, Ben, Reddy, Ramana, Prestwidge, Di, Mayberry, Dianne, Duncan, Alan, Agricultural Systems, 2017 View full text Article
  3. Reducing antimicrobial use in food animals

    Glennon, Emma E, Robinson, Timothy P, Van Boeckel, Thomas P, Gilbert, Marius, Grenfell, Bryan T, Chen, Dora, Laxminarayan, Ramanan, Bonhoeffer, Sebastian, Levin, Simon A, Science, 2017 View full text Article
  4. Simple and robust algorithms to estimate liveweight in African smallholder cattle

    Onyango, A, Goopy, J P, Lukuyu, M, Pelster, D E, Marshall, K, Animal Production Science, 2017 View full text Article
  5. Soyabean response to rhizobium inoculation across sub-Saharan Africa: Patterns of variation and the role of promiscuity

    Kanampiu, Fred, Ebanyat, Peter, Giller, Ken, Vanlauwe, Bernard, Baijukya, Frederick, Kyei-Boahen, Stephen, Adjei-Nsiah, Samuel, Wolde-meskel, Endalkachew, van Heerwaarden, Joost, Kamai, Nkeki, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2017 View full text Article
  6. Innovative technologies to manage aflatoxins in foods and feeds and the profitability of application--A review

    Vanlauwe, Bernard, Udomkun, Patchimaporn, Bandyopadhyay, Ranajit, Nagle, Marcus, Wiredu, Alexander Nimo, Müller, Joachim, Food Control, 2017 View full text Article
  7. Impacts of extension access and cooperative membership on technology adoption and household welfare

    Wossen, Tesfamicheal, Feleke, Shiferaw, Haile, Mekbib G, Alene, Arega, Olanrewaju, Adetunji, Manyong, Victor, Abdoulaye, Tahirou, Journal of Rural Studies, 2017 View full text Article
  8. Molecular Characterizations of Kenyan Brachiaria Grass Ecotypes with Microsatellite (SSR) Markers

    Djikeng, Appolinaire, Kimani, Wilson, Ghimire, Sita, Njarui, Donald, Maina, Solomon, Ondabu, Naftali, Agronomy, 2017 View full text Article
  9. Maize-grain legume intercropping for enhanced resource use efficiency and crop productivity in the Guinea savanna of northern Ghana

    Adjei-Nsiah, Samuel, Abaidoo, Robert C, Franke, Angelinus C, Kermah, Michael, Ahiabor, Benjamin D K, Giller, Ken E, Field Crops Research, 2017 View full text Article
  10. Can sub-Saharan Africa feed itself?

    Van Ittersum, Martin K, et al., PNAS, 2016 View full text Article