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  1. Zambian smallholder behavioral responses to food reserve agency activities (revised version_

    Myers, Robert J, Jayne, T S, Mason, Nicole M, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI), 2012 View full text White Paper
  2. Evaluating the impact on market performance of investments in market information systems: methodological challenges

    Weber, Michael T, Kizito, Andrew M, Staatz, John M, Dembélé, Niama Nango, 2011 View full text White Paper
  3. Are staple foods becoming more expensive for urban consumers in Eastern and Southern Africa? Trends in food prices, marketing margins, and wage rates in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia

    Mason, Nicole, Donovan, Cynthia, Jayne, T S, Chapoto, Antony, 2009 View full text White Paper
  4. What is the scope for increased fertilizer use in Kenya?

    Black, Roy, Jayne, T S, Sheahan, Megan, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2012 View full text White Paper
  5. Unscrambling Africa: regional investments and policies required for raising agricultural productivity

    Haggblade, Steven, 2010 View full text Presentations
  6. African development bank support to horticulture production and marketing infrastructure

    Banda, Christopher, Bangwe, Lewis, 2010 View full text Presentations
  7. Pathways into and out of poverty: determinants of rural household wealth dynamics in Kenya

    Jayne, T S, Burke, William J, Muyanga, Milu, 2010 View full text Presentations
  8. Toward the identification of priority investments and strategies for developing food markets and smallholder agriculture

    Ferris, J, Jayne, T, Mason, N, Myers, R, Sitko, N, Boughton, D, Chapoto, A, Mather, D, Lenski, N, 2009 View full text Presentations
  9. Awakening Africa's sleeping giant--prospects for commercial agriculture in the Guinea Savannah Zone and beyond

    Binswanger-Mkhize, Hans P, 2010 View full text Presentations
  10. The impact of state marketing board operations on smallholder behavior and incomes: the case of Kenya

    Mather, David, Jayne, T S, 2011 View full text White Paper