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  1. How does population density affect agricultural productivity? Evidence from Ethiopia

    Florax, Raymond J G M, Headey, Derek, Josephson, Anna Leigh, Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob, Dereje, Mekdim, 2013 View full text Presentations
  2. Population density, remoteness & farm size: small farms amidst land abundance in Zambia

    Chamberlin, J, Jayne, T S, 2013 View full text Presentations
  3. Key characteristics and main challenges in Zambia's fresh produce marketing system

    Hichaambwa, Munguzwe, Tschirley, David, 2010 View full text Presentations
  4. Do's and don'ts of managing the new food price environment in countries with food insecure populations

    Tschirley, David, Dembélé, Nango, 2011 View full text Presentations
  5. Modernizing Africa's fresh produce supply chains without rapid supermarket takeover: towards a definition of research and investment priorities

    Goeb, Joey, Ayieko, Miltone, Hichaambwa, Munguzwe, Tschirley, David, Loescher, Wayne, 2009 View full text Presentations
  6. Managing food price instability: what have (and haven't) we learnt from experiences?

    Rashid, Shahidur, 2010 View full text Presentations
  7. The green revolution: lessons for Africa

    Binswanger-Mkhize, Hans P, 2010 View full text Presentations
  8. The rising class of emergent farmers: an effective model for achieving agricultural growth and poverty reduction in Africa?

    Sitko, Nicholas, Jayne, T S, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI), 2013 View full text Presentations
  9. Do market interventions promote food price stability? Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa

    Jayne, T S, Chapoto, A, 2010 View full text Presentations
  10. Unappreciated facts about staple food markets: the potential for win-win outcomes for governments, farmers, consumers and the private sector

    Jayne, T S, 2010 View full text Presentations