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  1. Green revolution 2.0--addressing the persistent challenges of food and nutrition security

    Pingali, Prabhu, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), 2012 View full text Presentations
  2. Food Inflation in India--Implications for Food Security and Policy Options

    Dev, S Mahendra, Pandey, Vijay Laxmi, Rehman, Andaleeb, 2015 View full text Book/Book Chapter
  3. Impact of agricultural interventions on nutritional status in South Asia: a review

    Jayachandran, Usha, Dev, S Mahendra, Pandey, Vijay Laxmi, 2015 View full text White Paper
  4. Pathways from agriculture to nutrition: implications of the occupation structure in rural India

    Chandrasekhar, S, Dev, S Mahendra, Pandey, Vijay Laxmi, 2014 View full text White Paper
  5. Performance Assessment of Agricultural Technology in Odisha and Bihar

    Singh, Madhulika, Nayak, Swati, Munshi, Sugandha, Ganjuly, Sujata, Kumar, Pankaj, Khandai, Suryakanta, 2015 View full text Technical Document
  6. Understanding Men's and Women's Access to and Control of Assets and the Implications for Agricultural Development Projects. A Case Study in Rice-Farming Households in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

    Singh, Abha, Pede, Valerien, Luis, Joyce, Villanueva, Donald, Paris, Thelma, Sharma, Raman, Stipular, Jeffrey, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), 2015 View full text White Paper