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  1. Children Consuming Cassava as a Staple Food are at Risk for Inadequate Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin A Intake

    Gegios, Alison, Maziya-Dixon, Busie, Mbanaso, Ada, Manary, Mark J, Nungo, Rhoda, Egesi, Chedozie, Gichuki, Simon, Mallowa, Sally, Amthor, Rachel, Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 2010 View full text Article
  2. Consuming cassava as a staple food places children 2-5 years old at risk for inadequate protein intake, an observational study in Kenya and Nigeria

    Mbanaso, Ada, Stephenson, Kevin, Gichuki, Simon, Amthor, Rachel, Mallowa, Sally, Maziya-Dixon, Busie, Nungo, Rhoda, Manary, Mark, Nutrition Journal, 2010 View full text Article
  3. Marker-Based Estimates Reveal Significant Nonadditive Effects in Clonally Propagated Cassava (Manihot esculenta): Implications for the Prediction of Total Genetic Value and the Selection of Varieties

    Rabbi, Ismail Y, Kulakow, Peter, Wolfe, Marnin D, Jannink, Jean-Luc, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 2016 View full text Article
  4. QTL Mapping for Pest and Disease Resistance in Cassava and Coincidence of Some QTL with Introgression Regions Derived from Manihot glaziovii

    Kapinga, Fortunus, Rounsley, Steve, Bredeson, Jessen V, Lyons, Jessica B, Shah, Trushar, Katari, Manpreet S, Rokhsar, Daniel S, Myburg, Alexander A, Masumba, Esther, Salum, Kasele, Mkamilo, Geoffrey S, Ferguson, Morag E, Nzuki, Inosters, Frontiers in Plant Science, 2017 View full text Article
  5. QTL associated with resistance to cassava brown streak and cassava mosaic diseases in a bi-parental cross of two Tanzanian farmer varieties, Namikonga and Albert

    Katari, M S, Kapinga, F, Kanju, E, Masumba, E A, Rokhsar, D S, Lyons, J B, Myburg, A A, Bredeson, J V, Kulembeka, H, Rounsley, S, van der Merwe, N A, Mkamilo, G, Salum, K, Ferguson, M E, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2017 View full text Article
  6. Community phytosanitation to manage cassava brown streak disease

    Mtunda, Kiddo, Yabeja, Juma, Ndyetabula, Innocent, Shirima, Rudolph, Legg, James, Ndalahwa, Mathias, Bouwmeester, Hein, Virus Research, 2017 View full text Article
  7. Improving Genomic Prediction in Cassava Field Experiments Using Spatial Analysis

    Elias, Ani A, Rabbi, Ismail, Jannink, Jean-Luc, Kulakow, Peter, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 2018 View full text Article
  8. Regional Heritability Mapping Provides Insights into Dry Matter Content in African White and Yellow Cassava Populations

    Okeke, Uche Godfrey, Kulakow, Peter, Rabbi, Ismail, Jannink, Jean-Luc, Akdemir, Deniz, The Plant Genome, 2018 View full text Article
  9. First report of Ugandan cassava brown streak virus on cassava in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Mulimbi, W, Reeder, R, Assumani, B, Muyisa, S, Phemba, X, Kasereka, P, Weekes, R, Thom, F E F, Ugentho, H, Laurenson, L, Legg, J P, New Disease Reports, 2012 View full text Article
  10. The role of the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius), and farmer practices in the spread of cassava brown streak ipomoviruses

    Jeremiah, Simon C, Mohammed, Ibrahim U, Legg, James P, Maruthi, Midatharahally N, Journal of Phytopathology, 2017 View full text Article