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  1. Focus on Land in Africa Brief: Rwanda. Lesson 1: Women's Land Rights in Customary Dispute Resolution in Rwanda

    Lankhorst, Marco, Landesa Rural Development Institute, World Resources Institute, 2012 View full text White Paper
  2. Rwanda--recent developments in agricultural research

    Munyengabe, Jean Marie, Flaherty, Kathleen, 2011 View full text White Paper
  3. Serving farmers' interests in a creative and effective way; Reader with success stories of African Farmers' Organizations

    Wankpo, Eustache, Moto, Julius Peter, Mbabazi, François, Van Hoof, Frans, Tahirou, Amza, Umutesi, Marie Béatrice, Nyamwasa, Jean-Damascène, Turatsinze, Gabriel, Garfaranga, Joseph, AFAFO Advisors for African Farmers Organisations, 2008 View full text Newsletter
  4. HarvestPlus 2011 annual report

    HarvestPlus, 2012 View full text Commissioned Report
  5. Enhancing gender responsiveness in putting nitrogen to work for smallholder farmers in Africa (N2Africa)

    Njenga, Mary, Gurung, Jeannette, 2011 View full text White Paper
  6. Rhizobia strain isolation and characterisation protocol

    Woomer, P, Bala, A, Abaidoo, R, N2Africa, 2011 View full text White Paper
  7. Policy recommendation related to inoculant regulation and cross border trade

    Huising, Jeroen, N2Africa, 2013 View full text White Paper
  8. Value chain analyses of grain legumes in N2Africa

    Rusike, J, Kantengwa, S, Kasongo, G, Dashiell, K, Aidoo, R, Mongane, D M, van den Brand, G, Jamagani, Z B, Abaidoo, R, Ongoma, J, Boahen, S, N2Africa, 2013 View full text White Paper
  9. A N2Africa universal logo representing inoculant quality assurance

    Woomer, Paul L, N2Africa, 2013 View full text White Paper
  10. Characterisation of impact zones and mandate areas in the N2Africa project

    Rufino, M C, Franke, A C, Farrow, A, N2Africa, 2011 View full text White Paper