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  1. An innovation learning platform for drought tolerant maize in Malawi: lessons learned and the way forward

    Erenstein, Olaf, Mwangi, Wilfred, Setimela, Peter, Kaonga, K K, Langyintuo, Augustine, Kassie, Girma T, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center(CIMMYT), 2012 View full text White Paper
  2. Leveraging improvements in African cereal markets

    Sitko, Nicholas, 2011 View full text Presentations
  3. Casava commercialization in Malawi

    Kambewa, Emma, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2010 View full text White Paper
  4. Are staple foods becoming more expensive for urban consumers in Eastern and Southern Africa? Trends in food prices, marketing margins, and wage rates in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia

    Mason, Nicole, Donovan, Cynthia, Jayne, T S, Chapoto, Antony, 2009 View full text White Paper
  5. Fresh produce production and marketing systems in East and Southern Africa: a comparative assessment

    Kelly, Valerie, Mwiinga, Mukwiti, Ayieko, Miltone, Hichaambwa, Munguzwe, Tschirley, David, Cairns, Jenny, 2012 View full text White Paper
  6. Do's and don'ts of managing the new food price environment in countries with food insecure populations

    Tschirley, David, Dembélé, Nango, 2011 View full text Presentations
  7. How can the poorest smallholder farmers benefit more from staple food markets?

    Mather, David, Boughton, Duncan, Jayne, T S, Murekezi, Abdoul, Dembele, Nango, 2010 View full text Presentations
  8. Helping farmers and traders to overcome constraints on productivity growth of staple food production and market development

    Sitko, Nicholas, Jayne, T S, 2010 View full text Presentations
  9. Toward the identification of priority investments and strategies for developing food markets and smallholder agriculture

    Ferris, J, Jayne, T, Mason, N, Myers, R, Sitko, N, Boughton, D, Chapoto, A, Mather, D, Lenski, N, 2009 View full text Presentations
  10. A guide to the sun drying of pressed cassava mash

    University of Greenwich, Natural Resources Institute, 2010 View full text White Paper