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  1. Casava commercialization in Malawi

    Kambewa, Emma, Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2010 View full text White Paper
  2. Unappreciated facts about staple food markets: the potential for win-win outcomes for governments, farmers, consumers and the private sector

    Jayne, T S, 2010 View full text Presentations
  3. A guide to the sun drying of pressed cassava mash

    University of Greenwich, Natural Resources Institute, 2010 View full text White Paper
  4. Linking smallholders to markets: lesson learned from past projects and implications for C:AVA

    Posthumus, Helena, 2010 View full text White Paper
  5. Gender and diversity issues relating to cassava production and processing in Malawi

    Martin, Adrienne, Kaitano, Veronica, 2009 View full text White Paper
  6. Adaptive research in N2Africa impact zones: principles, guidelines and implemented research campaigns

    Baijukya, F, Vanlauwe, B, N2Africa, 2011 View full text White Paper
  7. Analysis of public expenditure in support of food and agriculture in Malawi, 2006-2013

    Gourichon, Hélène, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 2014 View full text Technical Document
  8. Market opportunities for cassava in Malawi

    Naziri-D, Abayomi-L, Sandifolo-V, Kaitano-V, Sergeant-A, 2013 View full text White Paper
  9. C:AVA II Investment study--Malawi case study

    Abayomi-L, Sandifolo-V, Naziri-D, Kaitano-V, Shaw-M, 2013 View full text White Paper