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  1. Determinants of conservation agriculture in the Indo-Gangetic Plains

    Ghimire, Subash, Aryal, Jeetendra P, Sadashivappa, Prakash, 2014 View full text White Paper
  2. Intellectual property rights, private investment in research, and productivity growth in Indian agriculture: a review of evidence and options

    Kolady, Deepthi, Cavalieri, Anthony J, Spielman, David J, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), 2010 View full text White Paper
  3. Modern open-source intermediaries in agricultural markets in India

    Minten, Bart, Gulati, Ashok, 2008 View full text White Paper
  4. Public agricultural R&D in South Asia: greater government commitment, yet underinvestment persists

    Rahija, Michael, Stads, Gert-Jan, Agricultural Science & Technology Indicators (ASTI), 2012 View full text White Paper
  5. The Seed and Agricultural Biotechnology Industries in India

    Cavalieri, Anthony, Kolady, Deepthi, Rao, N Chandrasekhara, Spielman, David J, 2011 View full text White Paper
  6. Application of SWAT and a groundwater model for impact assessment of agricultural water management interventions in Jaldhaka watershed: data and set up of models

    Condappa, Devaraj de, Tomer, Sat Kumar, Muddu, Sekhar, Barron, Jennie, 2012 View full text White Paper
  7. Comparing indicators and thresholds at the watershed level from literature and a participatory process

    Bruin, Annemarieka de, Barron, Jennie, 2012 View full text White Paper
  8. The Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme: a promising solution for agricultural water management in India: an assessment based on a case study in Madhya Pradesh

    Sharma, Vivek, Malik, Ravinder P S, 2012 View full text White Paper
  9. Spatial Trends in Indian Agriculture 1960s to 2000s

    Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative (TCi), 2015 View full text White Paper
  10. Reaching Millions: 2015 Annual Report

    HarvestPlus, 2016 View full text Annual Report