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  1. Gender, assets, and market-oriented agriculture: learning from high-value crop and livestock projects in Africa and Asia

    Quisumbing, Agnes R, Olney, Deanna, Meinzen-Dick, Ruth, Johnson, Nancy, Rubin, Deborah, Van den Bold, Mara, Manfre, Cristina, Waithamji, Elizabeth, Agriculture and Human Values, 2015 View full text Article
  2. "Flypaper effects" in transfers targeted to women: Evidence from BRAC's "Targeting the Ultra Poor" program in Bangladesh

    Quisumbing, Agnes R, Ara, Jinnat, Das, Narayan, Roy, Shalini, Journal of Development Economics, 2015 View full text Article
  3. Gender, Assets, and Agricultural Development: Lessons from Eight Projects

    Njuki, Jemimah, Quisumbing, Agnes, Meinzen-Dick, Ruth, Johnson, Nancy L, Kovarik, Chiara, World Development, 2016 View full text Article
  4. The influence of gender and product design on farmers¹ preferences for weather-indexed crop insurance

    Akter, Sonia, Khanam, Fahmida, Rossi, Frederick, Krupnik, Timothy J, Global Environmental Change, 2016 View full text Article
  5. Factors associated with small-scale agricultural machinery adoption in Bangladesh: Census findings

    Erenstein, Olaf, Mottaleb, Khondoker Abdul, Krupnik, Timothy J, Journal of Rural Studies, 2016 View full text Article
  6. Impact of agricultural interventions on the nutritional status in South Asia: A review

    Jayachandran, Usha, Dev, S Mahendra, Pandey, Vijay Laxmi, Food Policy, 2016 View full text Article